Travel Insurance KMP urges you to look into Travel Insurance to cover any of the possible ways that a trip may be cancelled. When you do this please make sure the policy covers “Cancel for Any reason” and also covers cancellations due to Covid.

Additional Fees There are occasions when additional fees, not included with your tuition, will occur. Some of these fees may include parking, National and State Park entrance fees, and others. The workshop page will indicate whether these fees are covered by your tuition or they will be your responsibility.

Transportation Workshop tuition fees only cover the workshop itself and not transportation, lodging, or meals unless otherwise stated on the individual workshop page. You must arrange and provide your own transportation to the workshop location or host hotel. If a flight to a workshop location is required and you need recommendations as to the best airport to fly in to please contact us. We will carpool as much as possible during our workshops. Due to limited parking at some of our shooting locations I would ask that you be willing to carpool to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum. 

Lodging Recently many hotels, whether individually owned or chains, have gotten rather outrageous in their requirements to block rooms for workshops. Additionally any discounts the hotel offered for a room block has dwindled to near nothing (you could get a better discount just by being a member of that hotel!) For this reason I no longer block rooms for most of my workshops. Whether or not there is a room block that information will be listed on the workshop page. In any case we will list a “host hotel” where we will meet and possibly have classroom sessions. You are welcome to stay at this hotel or anywhere you wish. Please consider whether or not you should book a non-refundable room due to the possibility of a workshop cancellation.

Non-Shooting Spouses Non-shooting spouses are welcome to attend Kenny McKeithan Photography (KMP) workshops at no additional fee. Non-shooting spouses are also welcome to attend group dinners during the workshop. 

Number of Students Kenny McKeithan Photography (KMP) limits workshop attendance to ten students or fewer. In a case where we have an additional instructor available that limit is increased.

Cancellation Policy A workshop may be cancelled in one of two ways: KMP may cancel a workshop or you may cancel your attendance in a workshop.

KMP reserves the right to cancel any workshop for a variety of reason including, but not limited to, lack of participation, natural disasters (fires, floods) or Acts of God. KMP is not responsible for any fees, charges, or damages other than your tuition that may result from the cancellation of a workshop. It is suggested that you not book an airline flight more that 60 days prior to a workshop to avoid non-refundable charges. KMP also highly recommends obtaining travel insurance!

If KMP cancels a workshop: You will be refunded the amount of your tuition minus any PayPal fees. (PayPal deducts fees immediately and no longer refund those fees for any reason)

If you cancel your attendance: Each workshop will list a “No Cancellations After…” date after which you will only be refunded you tuition minus PayPal fees (PayPal deducts fees immediately and no longer refund those fees for any reason) if there is someone on a wait list to take your spot. If you should cancel prior to that date you will be refunded the full amount of your tuition minus PayPal fees as stated above.

Meals Each participant is responsible for their own meals during a workshop. Often we will eat meals as a group but there is no requirement to do so. Eating meals as a group is not only a lot of fun but gives participants the opportunity to get to know one another. Group meals can be very educational as well.

Physical Considerations KMP workshop locations are chosen for their ease of access. However, an easy hike for some may be moderate or strenuous to others. Many of our shooting locations are roadside, right next to the car, locations or require a short walk/hike. Others require working around streams and waterfalls and the often slippery rocks associated with them. In many cases we are in remote areas a long way from medical facilities. For these reason, among others, PLEASE be honest with yourself (and KMP) about your ability to handle these situations. If you are not comfortable making a hike or any other situation please let us know. Very often we can find nearby subjects for you to shoot while the rest of the group is on the hike. If a workshop requires any activity at a moderate level or above, this information will be listed on the workshop page.

Itinerary Changes I once had a potential workshop student refuse to sign up for a workshop because I could not tell her what time we would arrive at each of our shooting locations and how long we would be there. I tried, to no avail, to explain to her that nature doesn’t work this way and neither do I! I will not pull my students off of a great location and beautiful light just to make a schedule. I’d like to think that many of my participants are on a workshop to get away from that kind of rigid thinking! For each workshop I have a list of locations to visit and prior knowledge of the best times and conditions to visit each location. We decide on an itinerary the night before the next day’s shooting. Sometimes, due to weather or light we will change that itinerary mid day. All of this is to get you to the best locations at the best times to shoot.